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JetX is the most popular slot machine from SmartSoft Gaming, in which the gamer takes on the role of an aircraft navigator. The exciting real money slot offers a unique experience, changing the usual idea of online entertainment. The game is guaranteed to cause a surge of emotions, and if you manage to keep a sober head, you can complete it with a tidy sum of winnings.

JetX Casino
JetX Casino

What is JetX

This slot is a kind of crash arcade. The player’s task is to make a bet and watch the plane take off, which is rapidly flying up at the speed of a rocket. At the same time, the growth of the winning coefficient should be kept under control. A gambler can hit a big jackpot if he catches the moment when it is time to withdraw money. Plus, a three-level jackpot is available to him, which inspires and turns on even more.

JetX Game

The best casinos to play JetX for real money

Since the crash slot is in high demand, it can be found in most verified gambling establishments. Therefore, it is easy to find entertainment to play for your own pleasure without any risks.


This is a well-known Internet entertainment provider that offers a lot of gambling and interactive slots. It is easy to search for your favorite slots on the provider’s website, as they are divided into several categories. You can also find a game with an airplane by its name or by the name of the developer company.

Play JetX Cbet

Pin Up

This is an official online casino, which presents almost all popular slots. The gaming establishment offers versions for a computer and for mobile gadgets, thereby providing the most convenient and easy access to games from any device.

Play JetX Pin Up


It is one of the new online casinos with an official license. There is a wide selection of slots on a variety of topics, among which there is also a game with an airplane for money.

Play JetX 1win


The establishment is among the oldest legal online casinos. It contains good classics, novelties from the field of gambling entertainment, demo versions of popular slots.

Play JetX Parimatch

Jet X review

The online slot realistically displays the tests of a jet aircraft. While the animated model is gaining height, the player monitors the coefficient by which the initial bet will be multiplied. The essence of the game is to catch the moment with the maximum multiplier, but without waiting for the explosion.

JetX Review
JetX Review

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The plot of the JetX slot machine

The plot of the arcade race is relatively simple. It all starts with the takeoff of the plane, which is rapidly moving towards the clouds. As the aircraft moves, the coefficients increase. Then, at one unpredictable moment, there is an explosion. That’s all. This round ends. If the player is lucky, he can get a solid win by withdrawing money before a fatal catastrophe.

JetX Rocket Game

Interface and design of the slot

The developers have created an interface that is understandable on an intuitive level. This makes the game even more attractive in the eyes of gambling lovers. The main part of the screen is occupied by the playing field. It shows the runway of the airfield first, along which a cute pixel plane begins its movement. When it gets off the ground, the picture changes: clouds float before eyes, and then stellar space can be seen.

Control buttons are located under the playing field. There are only a few of them, so even a beginner can easily understand how the machine works.

How does the JetX game work

Having found a slot on the website of a reliable and proven casino, you can register and start the game. The machine works on the principle of a random number generator. It is impossible to calculate the result in advance, relying on your own luck and the favor of Fortune. Thanks to it, the sensations become even sharper.

How to play the JetX game

Such entertainment is available in different modes. You can play for free, but do not expect to win if you use the demo slot.

For maximum thrill, you should choose the full version. In this case, you must register on the website of the selected gambling establishment, find JetX and then start the game by starting the machine:

  1. First you need to choose the amount of the bet.
  2. Next, you need to click the “Place your bet” button – this means that the bet has been successfully placed.
  3. After the start of the round, the plane takes off, the coefficient increases.
  4. You can make a withdrawal when the multiplier that the player wanted to catch is reached by clicking the “Cancel” button.
JetX: How to play
JetX: How to play

This machine has the option to make multiple bets at the same time.

How to win: the best JetX strategy

Even if a player loves JetX Casino for the process, while enjoying a risky slot, he still certainly consoles himself with the hope of beating the machine. In this case, it is useful to listen to some pieces of advice of experienced gamers who talk about successful strategies.

JetX Bet

Key features and benefits of JetX

The arcade race is an interesting slot machine for money, in which the gamer’s earnings depend solely on his luck. What exactly the final payout will be is determined by the external coefficient – it can be from 1 to 1000 at the point when the liner reaches its maximum height. The bet size is from 0.10 to 100 euros.

Advantages of JetX:

  • Despite the apparent simplicity, the slot grabs all the attention and makes you keep the tension all the time when events are on the screen.
  • The machine provides a chance to get a big win at the minimum bet.
  • The device of the crash arcade is elementary, so even a novice player masters quickly the mechanics and controls from the first acquaintance.

And, of course, by default, it is assumed that the system works absolutely honestly, the machine does not deceive, in case of winning, the gambler is sure of receiving the full payout.

JetX Bonus
JetX Bonus

JetX bonus features

To make the game even more enticing, the casino offers a variety of bonus programs. Traditionally, promotional codes for beginners work, which allow you to make the first deposit to your account in the form of virtual money from a gambling establishment. So a novice gamer does not risk his own finances.

But that’s not all bonuses from JetX: there are compensation programs after a loss, pleasant surprises for gamers who replenish their account with a certain amount. It is useful to get to know all the additional features of the crash slot better in order to use them.

JetX Bonus

Withdrawal of funds

There are two ways to withdraw funds in the game. Both options are reliable, work flawlessly and simply. The player chooses the one that he likes best and is more convenient. Therefore, it is worth knowing the details about each in order to understand the difference and make the right choice.

Which versions of the withdrawal of winnings are presented in the machine by default:

  • Auto-withdrawal. The program will stop the round itself as soon as the initially specified multiplier is reached. This solution is definitely more reliable and convenient for the beginner if he is very nervous, afraid of losing control of the situation. It is important to note that with auto-withdrawal turned on, the player himself can still interrupt the round at any time. For example, if he believes that the plane is about to crash without reaching the planned multiplier.
  • Manual withdrawal. The game is under the full control of the gamer. He observes the growth of the coefficient and stops the round himself if the originally intended multiplier has been reached or at any other moment.
JetX Betting

5 tips to become a successful JetX player

Getting acquainted with the slot for the first time, almost every beginner experiences excitement along with an understandable desire to master the machine in order to build up the bankroll. To make the goal more distinct and realistic, it is useful to know what tips experienced gamers give.

With such tips, there is less risk of losing everything in the first round:

  • The basic recommendation is to keep your head cool and your mind sober, even if the first success has turned it.
  • It will be right to set initially certain limits for yourself, which are important to follow, no matter how events unfold on the screen. First of all, it implies tight timing and an initial limit on the amount of loss.
  • You can and should watch other players, but not to follow their scheme blindly, but to study options in order to build your own winning strategy.
  • You should take the game as entertainment, and not as a way to earn money.
  • Before playing for real money, it is absolutely necessary to master it thoroughly in the demo version.

Practice shows that it really depends on the mood whether the player will loose the entire bankroll or increase it successfully.

JetX Bet mobile app

Today, more and more users are using a gadget, that is why the popular slot is presented in the mobile version. The JetX Bet application can be found for a smartphone with any operating system. It is installed and launched quickly, and in the future, all the same opportunities are open to the gamer as in the PC version.

Jet X Smartphone App
Jet X Smartphone App
JetX App

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If you like a game on the theme of aviation, you can try no less interesting analogues for the sake of interest. Although there are not many of them, there are a couple of worthy replacement machines.

The first can be called Zeppelin, although this slot works on a slightly different principle. It has classic mechanics for an online game. In front of the player there are five drums in three rows, in which you have to catch combinations of thematic symbols.

If you like JetX gameplay more, then you should take a closer look at the analogue called Aviator. It is also built on linear departure mechanics. That is, the gamer watches how the plane takes off, and at the same time, the coefficients grow.

How to check JetX for honesty

Since this is a licensed game, it is guaranteed to be reliable and work without cheating. This is controlled by the Provably Fair system. It works according to this clear principle:

  • The outcome of each round is under the full control of players.
  • The system distributes the chances among all gamers who have managed to make their bets.
  • The result is determined not only by the server seed, but also by the first three participants in the round.

To verify the honesty of the machine, you can watch the statistics. It is open to all players without exception. Under the playing field there are windows where the results of the rounds are displayed. Nearby there is a button with a green shield. By clicking on it, you can learn more about how the last round was held.

JetX Play

Conclusions about the JetX game

Aviation Crash Slot from SmartSoft Gaming is an exciting game that provides an opportunity to spend time with pleasure, and also gives a chance to earn money. The machine is presented in almost all legal casinos, which is another confirmation that the development is successful and promising.

It is recommended to watch this video about the game:

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Play JetX Game Casino Online

JetX slot FAQ

Is JetX legal?

Yes, this is a game with an official license, which guarantees the protection of the gamer from cheating.

How to play JetX game?

The slot works according to the linear mechanics of the aircraft departure. Before the start, the player makes a bet, then watches how the aircraft takes off and the coefficient grows. Upon reaching a pre-selected multiplier, you can interrupt the round and withdraw funds. The main task is to stop the game before the plane explodes; otherwise the bankroll will completely burn out.

How to win at JetX game?

If you want to win, it is useful to try one of the strategies that experienced gamblers follow. For example, some prefer to make small bets, gradually increasing the amount. Others choose extremely small bets, finding such a strategy reliable. Alternatively, you can make two bets at the same time: one is small with a small multiplier, and the second is more risky.

Where can I play Jet X for real money?

Popular entertainment can be found in almost every official casino.

How does JetX work?

The game is based on a random number generator. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the round in advance.

How are JetX jackpots played?

Jackpots are drawn on three levels:

  1. Planet;
  2. Galaxy;
  3. Space.
It is a random process, that is, the jackpot is a matter of chance.

How to play an airplane for real money in a casino?

To access all the features of the machine, you must register. Then you can make real bets, getting a chance for a big win.

How much can I win?

Since the multipliers in the machine are high, if the player is lucky and he catches the maximum coefficient, the payout goes up to 30,000 euros at a bet of 100 euros, and this is not taking into account the chance for a jackpot.

Can I play in demo mode?

Yes, many gaming establishments provide a demo version. It is worth using it to experience the game, to study its mechanics, to try different strategies.

Is the JetX game available on mobile devices?

Yes, this entertainment is now available on mobile devices. To play an airplane flight from your smartphone, you need to download the JetX Bet app, which is available for Android and iPhone.

Can I play JetX game for free?

Yes, the machine can be tested in practice without making a bet in real money. Playing in the demo version is meant first. But, in addition to this, you can take part in the bonus program. For example, a beginner receives virtual money from the casino to his account in order to get acquainted with the slot without risking his own finances.

How is the JetX win calculated?

The calculation of winnings in this crash slot is elementary. The player receives the amount based on the size of his bet and the winning coefficient, which are multiplied among themselves.

What is the minimum amount to start playing?

The minimum bet is 0.10 euros. With such a small entry threshold, the machine is even more attractive, because it is available to almost everyone. Moreover, with a minimum bet, the chances of a big win are quite high.

How can I withdraw my money?

The system for withdrawing money in this machine is simple and transparent. In order to cash out the winnings, you need to go to the appropriate section in your account. Then it remains to follow the instructions.

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