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JetX Demo

JetX is a popular racing arcade game, the essence of which is to have time to withdraw money before the explosion of the aircraft. The original slot, designed in retro style, is based on a random number generator. It is almost impossible to predict exactly when an explosion will be. The sharper the sensations and the brighter the emotions are, if you manage to hit the jackpot. Beginners should try the JetX demo version of the game so as not to risk real money.

JetX Demo Version
JetX Demo Version

What is the demo version of JetX game

JetX demo is basically the same as the full game. The key difference is that the gamer is guaranteed to keep his own finances. Since virtual credits are used for the bet, you do not have to risk your savings.

The main function of the demo version is to provide an opportunity to immerse yourself into the gameplay. The player gets to know the innovative crash slot as closely as possible, and with the mechanics of the machine. At this stage, the gamer decides whether to buy the main version.

JetX Demo Version

How to play JetX for free

In order to try what an arcade casino game is without spending your own money, to feel why it is so popular, you need to find a gaming establishment where the demo version is available. As a rule, there are no difficulties with it. Since casinos are interested in attracting new players, realizing that it is scary for many people to play for real money for the first time, there are free slots on almost every website.

To start the machine in test mode, press the “Demo” button. Next, they start the actual game, the algorithm of which is relatively simple, which does not deprive the machine of attractiveness and does not reduce the acuity of sensations:

  1. First you need to make a bet. Its size is changed with the arrow keys in the direction of increasing or decreasing. You can also do it through the settings.
  2. Next, you should press the “Spin” button, thereby launching the machine. Alternatively, select the “Auto spin” mode. It means that the launch of the game will take place automatically, without the active participation of the gamer.
  3. It remains to watch how the coefficient grows, trying to withdraw the winnings before the explosion of the airliner.

If you want maximum excitement, you can start the slot by pressing the start button again. In this case, the turbo spins mode is activated.

Demo JetX

What is RTP of JetX games

RTP is the return to player percentage. The indicator means how often the gamer will get winning combinations. For a crash slot, RTP is quite high, with a 96% return to player. This means that for every 100 credits, an average of 96 is returned.

JetX Smarsoft Gaming
JetX Smarsoft Gaming

Why is it useful to play the demo version of the game

Since the demo version does not require a deposit, this is the best chance for a beginner gamer to get a clear idea of what the machine is. Moreover, there are casinos where the user does not even need to register for such testing. The main limitation of the demo is that in this mode it will not be possible to withdraw the winnings.

Play Demo Version

However, it also has additional important advantages:

  • This is the best and safest way to check volatility, prize features and RTP.
  • The free version is guaranteed to bring pleasure, because with all the desire the player will stop without losing money.
  • In test mode, the player can try different strategies without risking anything.

Some gamers like to play for free, choosing different slots without limiting themselves in time. In fact, in demo mode, the machine turns into an absolutely safe analogue of a computer game or mobile application.


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Play JetX Demo Game

FAQ JetX Demo

Can I play JetX for free?

Yes, the machine is available in free mode when you start the demo version.

Where can I play JetX game for free?

Almost all casinos provide this opportunity.

Are there free spins and no deposit bonuses at JetX?

The crash game provides bonuses for beginners – you can start a gaming career without spending a single cent. It is enough for this to register, after which the player receives money from the casino without making a deposit. Free spins are also provided – subject to replenishment of the account for 10 euros and more.

What is the minimum bet in JetX game?

The minimum bet is 0.10 credits.

What is the maximum win in JetX?

The highest win available to the player is the bankroll multiplied by 10,000.

How to play JetX game?

Having made a bet, the gamer launches the machine by pressing the “Spin” button. Further, observing how the coefficient grows, the player decides to withdraw money, trying to do it before the plane crashes.

Where can I play JetX for real money?

The most popular slot machine is available in almost all casinos.

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