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JetX Reviews

JetX is a popular variant of crash slots in which the player watches a jet plane which starts flying. Bets are placed before the airliner takes off. Then the fun begins: you need to catch the moment of withdrawing money before the explosion of the aircraft. These seconds are the most intense, full of excitement, because in parallel with how the plane rises higher and higher, the payout ratio also grows. It is not surprising that the JetX game is in demand and has collected numerous positive reviews.

JetX Smarsoft Gaming: Review
JetX Smarsoft Gaming: Review

What are the advantages of JetX

Reviews JetX Game

The innovative racing arcade has concentrated several valuable features for which gamers are fond of it:

  1. Uncommon design. The design of the arcade race combines a non-standard approach with concern for user comfort. The colours of the screen are matched harmoniously, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, and the retro style brings back pleasant memories. Before the eyes of the gamer, the runway of the airfield, from which the plane gradually rises into the air. Further, as it takes off, the picture changes slightly: after flying through the clouds, the airliner is flying straight for the stars.
  2. Elementary mechanics. About JetX the reviews sound the most positive, since during the game you can completely surrender to the thrill without racking your brains on how to act. The algorithm of the machine is simplified to the maximum. First, the player makes a bet by choosing a multiplier in the range from 0.1 to 300. Then the plane is launched by pressing the spin button. Watching the growth of the coefficient, the player needs to figure out when to withdraw money without waiting for the aircraft to explode.
  3. High chances of big winning with minimal investment. An innovative machine built on the mechanics of explosion; it is characterized by medium volatility. This means that there is a chance to hit a big jackpot, understanding that the risks of losing are high.

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Real reviews of gamers JetX

In their reviews players describe the numerous advantages of the game, reminding that in order to enjoy the slot, it is better to keep a cool mind, even in the midst of the events on the screen.

JetX Game Review


The game is captivating! You get excited involuntarily, even though the slot at first glance is relatively simple and uncomplicated.


I do not aim to win money – I come to play for pleasure. For this slot suits me perfectly. I tickled my nerves a little and saved my finances, and sometimes I leave with a small plus.


A very fun race. Nice design, on the one hand, everything is in soothing colours, on the other hand, when the plane flies, the numbers grow, and I have to make a decision, there is a pleasant excitement.


I play JetX from time to time, I diversify my leisure time, so to speak. I like the simplicity of mechanics, retro design. Somehow I managed to win and withdraw money. No cheating, everything is fast and without problems.


I like to play online casinos sometimes. Recently I have come across this slot. I have been immediately captivated by the design – such a cute pixel airplane. The most elementary algorithm of actions – a few buttons, everything is clear and simple.

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JetX Review
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