How to Win at JetX Game: Strategies, Tips and Tactics

How to Play JetX

JetX is a simulator with virtual world support, where the user will control a jet aircraft, which is being tested, culminating in an inevitable explosion. The player’s task in the futuristic racing arcade is to seize the right moment in order to withdraw money on time, since the aircraft will explode sooner or later. The longer the flight is, the higher the stakes are, but the greater the risk of losing everything is.

JetX Strategy
JetX Strategy

What are the strategies and tactics of playing JetX

Experienced players name winning JetX strategies so that beginners get more chances to win. In the pursuit of high odds, composure is important. If you follow the recommended algorithms, you can end the game with a tidy sum.

How to Win JetX

Goal setting

When developing a strategy, experienced gamers advise to start from realistic tasks. As tempting as high multipliers are, it is better not to get carried away and not set a goal to double immediately the bet. It is recommended to start increasing the amount by 10-20%. Having achieved the goal, it is advised to withdraw money, and then close the game, even if it seems that the user has caught a streak of luck.

Timing and self-control

Starting to play, it is necessary to limit strictly the duration of the session. Since JetX is addictive, and the longer the gamer is in the process, the stronger the excitement is, the deceptive confidence is growing stronger that he is about to hit the big jackpot. As a result, he loses his vigilance, makes rash actions.

JetX Casino
JetX Casino

Martingale JetX strategy

The classic algorithm shows itself in the arcade game in the best way. It allows you to fight off losses and stay on the winning side. However, you won’t be able to win a large sum this way.

Play and Win at JetX

In simple terms, the essence of the classic game strategy is to increase constantly the bet in order to get a win. A detailed step-by-step diagram is as follows:

  • The player chooses a small starting bet in advance.
  • If a loss follows, the amount is increased by the same amount in order to cover further the money lost in the series.
  • Having received a win, the gamer bets the same amount with which he started.

When choosing this algorithm, it is necessary to maintain common sense and make calculations without giving in to the excitement with your head.

Limited bet size

Experienced gamers keep bets under control, trying not to exceed a maximum of 10% of the bankroll. Such a simple rule eliminates the possibility of draining the entire available amount in one or more rounds. 

Bets at low odds

Another effective and popular tactic is to bet money by choosing small odds. Multipliers from 1.2 to 1.5 will seem insignificant and therefore unattractive to beginners who believe in their own luck. However, such a scheme carries minimal risks of losing the entire bankroll. Instead of it, at the minimum coefficients, it is possible to receive a stable small income, at the end of the session a tidy sum comes out. It is not necessary to exclude the possibility that the plane will explode even at a multiplier of 1, so this option is not one hundred percent reliable.

JetX Bonus

Two bets strategy

In order not to lose, but to earn on the JetX machine, it is worth considering such a strategy as making two bets per round. In fact, one of them is something like a kind of insurance. Therefore, it is minimal – in a coefficient of 1.2 – 2 maximum. The second one is more risky. Trying to catch a higher multiplier, the gamer is sure that his losses will be minimal, even if everything is according to the worst scenario.

Level 3 jackpot

In addition to direct winnings, the player can get a jackpot. There are three of them in JetX – Planet, Galaxy and Space. It is important to understand that nothing will help you make favorable forecasts by increasing the chances of hitting the jackpot. Since its probability cannot be calculated: a random number generator is responsible for providing such a bonus.

JetX Jackpot
JetX Jackpot
Win Jackpot

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Tips and tricks for JetX players

Studying recommendations on how to win at JetX with minimal risks, beginners should start with a meticulous acquaintance with the rules of the game and with the basic principles of game mechanics. For this machine, lots of losses are typical, but if you have patience and passion, there are high chances of catching a large coefficient.

JetX as such has no set RTP or volatility, so you can’t rely on these indicators. Therefore, the player will have to monitor carefully the current odds. However, it is easy for beginner gamers to get confused by the numbers. If, instead of pleasure, the process is unnerving, since the beginner is afraid of making a mistake, then you should use auto-withdrawal. No need to bypass the demo slots. In this mode, it is simpler and easier to understand the mechanics of the game, work out the reaction speed, and try out different strategies.

JetX Game
JetX Game

Novice gamers involuntarily want to spy on other players, hoping to catch the tricks that allow you to stay with the bankroll and increase it successfully. However, this is a misleading expectation, since the crash slot is unpredictable. In some cases, it is a good decision to delay the process, and in other situations, the most acceptable choice is to withdraw quickly money at the first minimum win.

It is better to choose your own tactics and follow it. No need to change behavior by trying to copy other players. By breaking down your balanced plans, you are more likely to fail.

Test this strategy

Best JetX strategy

Summarizing, we can divide the various JetX game schemes into two types. The first strategy is the so-called fast one. The player limits himself to minimum bets and makes a withdrawal in the early stages. The second one is slow, when the gamer tries to catch the moment of increasing coefficients.

A fast strategy is more reliable and carries minimal risks. However, the result of such a game does not satisfy all gamers, since it ends with definitely insignificant winnings.

To minimize risks with a slow strategy, it is recommended to make two bets so that one overlaps the other. Moreover, let both be of the same size, but the first one is closed at a factor of 2, and the second later – with a multiplier of 5-6. As a result, even if the second one does not work, the player will actually win back the lost money.

JetX Tactic
JetX Tactic

A final recommendation from experienced gamers is to treat JetX as a form of entertainment, not a source of income. In fact, a person is opposed by a random number generator – there is no way to calculate his steps in advance. Instead of trying to beat the machine, it is better to concentrate on the pleasure of the thrills that are inevitable in the game for money.

Win Real Money

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